We always take the long Way!

Biosk Cafe 2016

BIOSK cafe cycling kit

For those not firm with the term BIOSK: it’s a kiosk managed with a sustainable mindset selling organic [Germans say “bio”(-logical)] food and coffee in southern Germany’s Road and MTB-Cycling heaven Freiburg. 3 years ago BIOSK owner and soulsearchers.cc extended family member Lars Millentrup created the first kit. They were sold out in a jiffy and

finish at schauinsland | Festive 500

One of my favourite, if not the most favourite spot to cycle in Freiburg is local mountain Schauinsland or Schaui as locals refer to it. It’s around 17 kilometres from the city’s centre up to the mountain’s peak at 1280 metres above sea level. Each year there’s the Schauinslandkönig, a local mountain time trial, which
Vosges Mountains | Festive 500

almost there … stay on target! … almost there

„Almost there … Stay on target! … Almost there“ is one of the many Star Wars quotes we all grew up with and it’s how day 4 of my personal Festive 500 cycling adventure went. I didn’t want to ride today at all, but the beautiful weather was pulling me outside and let me forget
homeward bound alongside Freiburg's river Dreisam

skateboarding state of mind | Festive 500

The third day of the Festive 500 was a blast! Well, most of it. I started kind of late, because I wasn’t sure where to head to and needed to figure out a route first. I wanted to do something new so I went from Freiburg up to the north-east, with “up” to be taken

Riding like Captain Nemo

„I have broken with society entirely, for reasons which I alone have the right to assess. I, therefore, do not obey its laws, and I advise you never to allude to them before me again!” – listening to what Captain Nemo says in Jules Verne’s audio book version of his timeless masterpiece „20,000 Leagues Under The
Soulsearchers Festive 500 Tank

Festive 500 or cycling away from Xmas

“Nothing frees my mind more than sitting on a bike” were my words, when I wrote the Festive 500 prologue, three days ago. Which may explain why I asked myself “What do I write about” when I left home on my bike on the first day of the event. What reads like a classic writer’s
2015 Festive 500

Festive 500

    “Sad”. That’s what I thought, when I hit the “join”-Button at Strava’s “Challenges”-section. Sad, because I thought no one will do anything else but celebrate Xmas with their folks within the week of Rapha’s annual “Festive 500”. But by the time I’m typing this over 50k riders worldwide have already subscribed to it, including

it was cold again, really cold…

i dont know guys ( and gals ) but really this last weekend was cold and not fun, well not really. when the group called for an easy ride into the woods outside of berlin i did comply. well i did the thing that rode me out 20 km into the meeting point and was

this will keep me warm !

so winter is here, although i cannot really feel him, the gripping cold and all that, but just in case i got me some winter gear. and here it is something that makes me realize that i am indeed to big for this kind of sport, as rapha sends out a winter softshell jacket in

shirts and a hoodie

well we may start small, and we still kind of are but do not underestimate us. as big things are coming your way. here we have the new shirt and a hoodie. dope hand print fifty shirts only and only 10 hoodies made ! get it while its hot   drop me a mail at


our man daniel is off for a training ride onto the beautiful island of mallorca ! and boy do i envy him ! hugs and love buddy !!! see you soon !

ride because

you love it and not because you need to show off or anything. leave anything at home and come back with a bright grin on your face. bring back memories and photos and make your heart a better place. wherever you go keep it light and never stop grinning ! cycling is about happiness !