OAKLEY – one step ahead

its a wonderful day in our parts of the world, while we had some minor rain today, but hey its summer and this is the good part. while speaking of summer, what you need, well, what i need, is a pair of shades and as we are a blog that is mostly for the people that rides roadbikes fast through the whole country we asked the the very best to hook us up with glasses that let us see. OAKLEY have been at the forefront of protecting your eyesight and have been developing and pushing the borders of what is possible. with their latest glasses they really help to get you onto the road and  the prizm series they really help you to see even better in bright sunlight, in shady conditions or even in bad weather. kids, really i can’t emphasise how much this means to me, as seeing better means riding safer means coming back home in one piece. you rule and whatever you will come up with, i am a fan :) ! a better online representation would be nice but thats just me ;)

there is a downside to all of this i have to say that would be its only a pair of glasses while you sit on your bike its not one to go out on the town since you would look, term lets say kinda dorky. they will suit you on your bike the best sunlight protection you can get though. and the the wind it will keep out of your eyes, plain wonderful…


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