bibs you wear and jerseys you love

its been a long while since there have been anything from our beloved rapha guys send anything, well no worries there and i guess enough lawyers will get new rapha all the time. talking about time its about time to see someone else for good cycling gear and its not gonna be always our overpriced english friends. from europe, yes our great union( wink wink ), comes a brand that i can only support. Isadore is made in slovakia and i can only say its classic its never over the top and i wore one of the bibs just now and it was really good, as to our weather here in berlin which is NO GOOD. the bibs are good and stretch very well but are tight in the right spots, as the jersey are very well all good and i love em already ( and dude i need to loose weight… ) they are very comfortable and the breathability is of the hook. i had a small heart attack when i opened the small box that had a base layer inside as it made me more aware of much weight i have to loose as the one i got was L/XL but looks like XS/S which i am not, by any means i got into it and got out of it without cutting myself out of it. it fits lets leave it at that. to say the least the people art isadore are the most generous i have encountered in a long time since the pack that came was more than i expected and since i do rides and not races i was impressed to have xmas come early, way early.

they do a lot more than only bibs and jerseys, as there also socks, wich are an important part in cycling as socks off the means to put the pedal onto the floor in the right way. they have good support AND super extra cushioning that makes a real difference in the carbon shoe. if you want to order a base layer and you want to send it back right away i can only tell you that you need to try it before, because they are stretchy and can even go around a large beer belly ;)

but what i can tell you know is that it is a brand with a style that will knock your socks off, at a fraction of the price. well not too easy on the price but more than others which we all love and that means we can still go back to mallorca and go up and down on our favourite island boys and gals.

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