berlin velothon

this is, well was, my first race ever. and i have to say there are some up and some downs in these races. the up is the rush before you start and the over all vibe that these things have, it is incredible, it’s like an alleycat i always get somehow excited. well we were called team tor ! we had fun but then there is all these people again, way more than in an alleycat. this race has a whopping 16K of people riding the streets. everything is very professional with transponders and numbers and all that, still for 16K people thats a lot of stuff going on. there is alcoholfree beer afterwards.

well for the race itself it is incredible, even tho i only managed to get a close to 33 avg. for this race i am still content with the outcome, i still have to find my way between the people and see what is happening in front of me. one time a guy crashed and had to be picked up by a helicopter. this is something i do not want to happen since this a sunday “fun” ride. so well i took some snaps of the velothon before and after and some of other rider as they were passing by. maybe i will get more on the competitive side of things but i guess not really. the velothon is an incredible fun thing to do, so next time you come to berlin maybe you spend your time on a bike ;)

ah yeah the pros were also in town but what gives ;)…

i enjoyed it tremendously. GO TEAM TOR !!


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