the one snake that will get you, or maybe you will get the snake

It is a big thing to go after half year with a broken shoulder, not doing anything and its another thing to go the first day in february und already to go in full blast. That said after ten minutes you steam runs out, as in no more, done, and you know there will be ten hard days in front of you. But hey, you are here to be a better version of yourself.

After coming back in february still not believing that its still beginning of the year and I rode in shorts already. grinning from ear to ear and feeling not at all energised to to anything. While Mallorca is a hell of an island it also is not known for being shallow hill, but more the get your stuff together kinda hill. So knowing where you stand you wiggle yourself out of self-pity and start being the latest dude in the bunch, so I kinda roll with the guys and keep it up as best as I can. Not good to be precise. Well, it does get better over time, honestly and I can keep up from time to time its not until the last two day until Elli say she wants to the famous Sa Callobra climb and here is where I go, sure, why not. I find its famous because its far away, really far away  and the decent starts after a killer climb and then gets you 9.5 km back down to sea level. you might wanna have a coffee or something because you just get back up and to be again real honest my WAHOO more than once told to RIDE because the incline was way more than ten percent and I was way too slow.

Sweating like a pig and still freezing. I take it easy to just keep my legs warm while climbing the slowest I ever climbed but loving every meter. After about half of the climb I want to give up, its a wonder I did not puke already but Elli keeps up with me and drags my sorry ass along, another 200 meter she says and then some more. Ah only the next corner that should do it, ah cmon one more try and another corner if you still can, and I listen to my legs if they can, and they haven’t said anything.

So two more corners and I will be there, only two more. It gets steeper all the time and the incline gets more vicious. But we go, we make it, we make Sa Callobra in Fabruary, nobody can take that away from us, ever again.

Its one of these moments that cycling gave to me, that I did something for myself, for no one else but me. yay, it feels more than amazing and to say it with the words of an idiot playing president it felt tremendous




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