the montecruz files <3

to ride a new bike is something special, it really is. if its made from carbon even more. montecruz came towards me with a new frame and fork in team colors no less ;), even my name is on the frame and i can only be forever grateful for this beauty, never had anything close to this. its a 58 size frame and it rides like a charm, in the tramuntana hills of mallorca it helped me out to get down in freezing weather, but the compass tires provided me with exorbitant grip while i was whizzing down, praying my hands will come back to life soon. i froze to death, on the outside until it reached my insights, kept on pedalling until the warmer weather came to well warm me up. i never had anything so stiff under me. columbus nows how to to bake stiff carbon that will hold you and comfort you, from know its colombus or bust kids, for real ! i wish i would had a bike like this from the beginning but on the other hand its good that it took a while so now you know how to appreciate that good carbon you have. its bliss, pure bliss. and with the dura ace group i ride on there it makes all sense, since my best friends from gold sprint berlin, tobi and easy made it all come together and strip my old willier to make this work out wonderful. i can only thank the wonderful vanessa and the amazing andreas for the most excellent hook up and i will for ever will take care of your dog peeps ;) !!


its more than bliss, way more !




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