The long way back

Well here we go again. It has been a horrible last year and the leadout of that  promised also nothing of only horrifying news on the horizon. A complete moron has become leader of the free world, many of my idols just died and to top it all off i ended last year with a broken shoulder. Well, the season was over and since i had a good few miles in the sack I thought it was not bad, if there hadn’t been the secret kilos that crept up on me. Well too much Cola not enough healthy food and no exercise nearly, but only nearly, got me back one pant size up again. Just as it was too much I decided to go to Mallorca and see if I still can pedal, for three days I could not do a darn thing, for real I hardly turned a pedal at all, and if I did, I was out of breath superfast.

Three days of agony and then it got back to me, really slow but it came back. Being on the Island of Mallorca helps if your friend gives you his house for a week, and being there with friends also helps a ton. Elli is a youngblood from Berlin, who takes on most of the boys here, she looks more like your natural sex bomb, but who is counting on the way up a hill, hey ? And then there is Kuppi, part time comedian who always has something he wants to tell you when the incline switches for 7% to 11%, he simply is the best and owns one of our favourite bike stores, radkreuz. so he always teases me not in a good way, but it seems to work since i get back on the bike and even my arse stops hurting after a while.


Even though the pictures I and Elli took might say it was warm and toasty, trust me, it was not, not at all ! We had days when the high in the day was about 14 degrees Celsius and the wind was effin freezing, but the ride made me happy and every movement of my cranks, every rotation made me grin wider and being more in my happy place, a place I long thought, I forgotten to go to.


So the more one thinks about where I am and foremost why I am, my mind wanders and begins to question what I am doing. My legs are starting to hurt each day and i remember what it was and why i was doing it. Just one simple thing it was, I love it, the pain, the exhaust, the falling into bed being at the end of anything yourself has to offer.


The more I ride again the more I think, the more i get it together. Its not about time, not about numbers and not about getting first second or third. Its about having a good time, being with real friends, people that will stick with you no matter what, even if you cry there will be there for since you made it up that darn hill, made the horrible kilometres, because in the end its only about how you feel about it, how that feeling inside of you gives you great joy about what you just accomplished. Make everything you do about who you are and what you can do with that, make it bigger than yourself, load yourself with greatness and scream von the top of the mountain that you are bigger than the mountain itself. Its about you and who you influence being a bigger and happier person than the one who stood at the bottom of the mountain.


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