the people you meet along the way

Its a wonderful thing when you get your head around it. Life, the best thing in the world when you embrace it, fill your lungs with every breath, look up into the sky and be the happiest human being you can try to be. Once you start riding a bike your life becomes more and more of a thing that if you hug it from time to time it will hug you back all of your life. To top this all off when you hug your life sometimes your life sends you a person into yours, just as a thank you.

I met Jan-Eric at the Bike show in Southern Germany close to Switzerland and the way we talked we hit it off. He was still a pro in cycling and he looked the part, me, not too much but we had similar heartbeats that went off for cycling ;)and the long distance rides I did already with other mates. so over the years we still sort of held contact over this wonderful thing, the internet. When he went off and out of Germany, to live in Spain, better on the island of Mallorca, I followed his steps and as his wonderful sort of hotel idea grew into what it is now, a haven for people who love to ride based and talk to people with who are likeminded.

Its a win win thing, while he is also a coffee Don of extraordinary proportions he knows the island like, well lets say an islander. His Hotel MA-13 is in the middle of the island pretty much exactly the middle and its wonderful to be there. they also have a wonderful R4 Ocean Blue car with an inbuilt coffee machine that will take your breath away.  It may be a small Hotel but oozes al the coziness you can imagine. And now imagine you have a coffee after you cleaned your bike, see, its bliss.

The talks I have with Jan-Eric are better than anything because they are about life and what it gives to me, why it is rewarding and why we love the sun and the ocean alike.

Its like coming back home, every time. Even if you arrive for the first time.

Jan-Eric, I do thank you more than you know mate. For a lifetime of good advice !


make no mistake and visit his site here or even better write him an email

and get your future holidays sorted there ! believe me, its worth it !


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