the new route

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we are about to go again this season !

yay ! we are to go long again and we will go north this time the long way it will be, i hope fun will be had and kms will be covered. well we are going to start from home to come back home only by bike and what we have in mind is to cover roughly 3200 kilometres in about 17 days, well we start in berlin and come to poland rather quick and the first days its gonna be all fun if the weather is on our side.

but its late summer and it will be long nights and warm breezes (we hope). after poland there is gonna be lithuania and then latvia and then on to estonia, which will see us through the wonderful town of tallinn. a ferry will pick us up  to get us over to helsinki, inland. from here its gonna be a long way to turku.

another ferry will bring us straight to stockholm and from there we cycle all of sweden, sort of. its going to be a fun ride down sweden through icons like linköping, jönköping and norrköping. for us it all sounds kinda the same but it will be wonderful and enriching to see all this and to ride it all the way down to malmö and the short stint over to denmark, to copenhagen. maybe we get there by day 14 and roll down easy the last few km back to see my parents and then berlin. there be plenty of news and pics from this ride, we promise but more than anything we will be happy to be home. if you are living somewhere there where we might be give us a shout at or just holla if you wanna ride with us. my friend konrad is coming and marius from that barca trip wants to come as well and ian if you read this, you are booked ! ;)

anyway, hope to see you soon !


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