clean your stuff, the reward is bliss

as not all of us have the opportunity to only go out in the sun, bless you people who can, there will be others of us who will be caught up in the rain from now to then. i have myself never been the type of cleaning my bike, but i have to say it is a necessity that needs to be done, and always being jealous of other riders on their clean bikes is just one thing that i need to get my self better at, clean that isht !

so from now on i will promise myself that after rainy rides there will be full blown washing of (myself and of) my bike, i solemny swear. since it is easy to take the wheels out and have thoroughly chased after a rainy day ride you need to do it right away and then hop into the tub afterwards, its about an hour tops but you ride will look as new after wards and the happy feeling you will get. its the moment your bike will roll and leave you with no noises to concern, its a breathtaking feeling guys

clean your wheels thoroughly and clean your break pads since i found for myself they had lots and lots of grime on them, once cleaned there is surprisingly good breaking again, even when wet ;) so its a win win situation if you clean your bike and even your chain will last longer, well if i can quote tobi and easy from goldsprint who are kings of cleaning their bikes and make it their passion to have a bike that looks better than brand new, it a must to do so and that why i am following suit and will always clean my bike, thoroughly that is, yes kuppi, just so you know ;)


after all, you doing it for yourself and your bike, thats all there is to it !


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