make something out of your time

while its now a summer, well we are getting there, we all waited long for, now its the time to use that said summer.

its time to breathe in warm summer air and ride, ride as there will be no tomorrow. why you may ask, because probably there will be no tomorrow and we will all have wasted that wonderful time with going to work to consume more stuff that we don´t need which in hindsight will pollute that ball we live on even more. we are here only once as far as i know and we need to make the best out of it and that is exactly what i mean. live life to the fullest, every moment, breathe it all in and keep it in you . it may sound strange to some of you but lets face it we will never be professional cyclists we are just here for the fun of it and we ride  far sometimes and sometimes just around the corner for a coffee, but whatever it is just go out and embrace life !

while the leader of the so called free world seems to be a muppet and a marionette of the large businesses around the time more now than never to take your life into your own hands, ride your bike or whatever little cottage you have built by a lake but make it your own live for that, the moment can never be taken away. it will live in you and once it does it will grow stronger make you stronger also you will never let that feeling go away and you will fight to to keep it. you will fight for something that means something to you. like the pahrcyde once said something that means something. make it bigger and grow and make our planet as wonderful as it is. i could cry happy tears…


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