ohh man…

i know its about time to post something new and like everybody else i feel it every day but a long stretch of illness has tied to the bed, with sights of improvement i can only make you all fever dream of the upcoming spring and what it has in store for us cycle enthusiasts. i got a new bike to start things of right with i already rode on Mallorca for a stretch of a couple of weeks and to tell you the truth, its a dream. all carbon made and fiery red i simply love my new montecruz and has the will power to drive forward, even with me. more of that super soon as i will go back to Mallorca to ride here and there. in other news shimano is simply the best groupset for me as enves are still the killer carbon wheels that keep me afloat. loving every meter as compass is now hooking us up with tires that more than glue you to the road , they stick you to the road and keep you on it as if you never want to leave and not last HJC gave me a new helmet that fits like a glove, damn son. last but not least the guys over at wahoo always come up with small and clever gadgets with will be reported on super soon. team mate henri is now on BASSO which is a killer bike as well, so this season is looking super good as well i leave you with some small impressions of how the year closed and of the year began on a bike, be well and i talk to you soon.


well to cut the things close this is what happened: met people, lost a friend, rode more than i expected, rode more less than predicted, found new friends, got in touch with old ones, will hopefully ride more this year, did see some girls, some made me happy, some don’t, some food was good, some wasn’t, had food poisoning, did jump into lakes, lived life to the fullest extend and still i do miss her, will go and find a new life, a better one, even better than this, its always possible when you just go out and let life teach you how it goes. remember there is only a couple of handful summers left ! just go ! listening to northern soul still :) go go go !!!


best from on the road, henrik ;)




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