there is more where this came from. wind that is…

i fell asleep like a rock, hardly ate anything brushed the teeth and fell for the well awaited sleep, everything hurts and i am not sure if will make another day in that wind. i think i am close to crying and am glad the others don’t see me, as i fall asleep before them. the next morning again i can hardly eat but i have to get something in me as i know this is gonna be hard, i hate everything that i carry and wonder why i did in the first place. damn me.

so we have breakfast which consists of leftover BBQ but we have to go anyway at some point. hills await, i am not in a happy mood, really the weather is fine, wind has picked up, again, but my mood is really foul. sorry mates. we climb, and it hurts with every revelation of the crank i feel like throwing up. the wind was never my friend but now he became something fierce, something that wants to tear me apart, and so he does, i’m toast. 10 km into the ride and i’m toast. everything in me screams and wants to go back in half a day with wind like that. but we continue up and onwards, silently i see a tear run over my face which i tell myself is only a sweatball. the whole day we continue to get to paderborn and we make it somehow, i’am the weakest link in the group and feel ashamed of how unfit i am, but i am still with the group in a way. the weather has changed into really cloudy and nasty and nippy as well, straight thinking is not going well anymore and as i find that we only have two places to sleep and one tent on the outside to sleep in i opt for the tent and fall asleep right away, that shower was had all good just leave me to sleep i will come again, i hope. only one more day of indescribably pain and will go to sleep for the longest time, i swear !

there is always an up if you want one, get used to it !

beautiful it was though, from time to time

smallest disco in the universe

guess what, i did rain, guess what else wasn’t waterproof, see you guessed it

it was really tiny or i was just really big, who knows ?

idyllic scenery if you dig that scene ;)

waterfall ? hm, not really


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