when the wind says NO

last friday, well exactly a week ago me and two friends started a journey towards the the small town of düsseldorf, which is only 600 km away from where i reside and to make things more interesting throw in the occasional 50 km that you don’t where you go. so here i am waiting at the world famous world clock at alexanderplatz and wait for my fellow mates, its seven in the morning and its raining, but hey its warm and they arrive Björn ( of former team milram fame and two time finisher, giro rider and vuelta don, dude has more miles in his left leg than i will ever have in my life i guess ) and Uwe (an actor who is deeply rooted in cycling and does brevets like you and i do breakfast, for real 600 km in one stretch is no biggie for him and he is a class one mate) so easy we roll as it is still raining in berlin we roll outand just as we about to hit the outskirts of potsdam the sun comes out. and as the sun comes out our old friend the wind picks up and picks up and up and up until he hurts….

we have the first stop in havelberg wich is about roughly 80 km out of berlin and we are greeted in a friendly bikeshop for coffee and a cherry roll cake which is funny as my last name is sort of cherry ;) and there is a roll here and there ! coffee drowned and off we go into the headwind. again, headwind picked up.well we are now on our way to magdeburg which is another 90 km away, by the way headwind picks up again. one flat tire later and another 25 km into the ride we meet robert wagner who is in his last trainings for the upcoming tour de france. yes, we are with an actual rider of the tour, i feel humbled and my legs hurt. after another break with a pizza each we roll another 100 into the wind and after close to 250 km we arrive the first stop, its dark. björn being the man who he is, starts the grill and wants everybody to eat as i only want to shower and sleep forever. sidenote: robert wagner meet us on the way by car and picked up all our stuff and we could ride easily to wernigerode without anything, therefore you are a star beyond my wildest dreams mate. there will be more kids but i have to catch up on sleep….zzzzzz

gasping with two tour de france riders in the front, not my style, but we came in anyhow

i wish there was wind on this internet, it would blow your socks off !

you make one to the best bikes on the planet kids, this is just not one, sadly

björn still is and will remain the disco king !

the rainy start

sun was with us in the end, well a short bit it was

sleep will be had and that shower thingy



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